Novel intravenous fibrinolysis inhibitor

Novel intravenous fibrinolysis inhibitor

Partnering opportunity

Novel intravenous fibrinolysis inhibitor

Surgery and Trauma


Increased bleeding during open heart surgery, hip and knee surgery, and after trauma leads to increased risk of hypotension, organ failure, need for blood transfusions, re-operation etc. Minimizing bleeding is important but available agents have limitations. Two drugs are currently used, aprotinin and tranexamic acid. Aprotinin has an increased risk of mortality and therefore approval is limited. Tranexamic acid has an increased risk of seizures, probably due to an effect on GABAA receptors in CNS.

Emeriti Bio has many years of experience and in depth knowledge in the field of fibrinolysis inhibitors. Our compounds, compared to tranexamic acid, are much more potent as fibrinolysis inhibitors and have no effect on the GABAA receptor. Also, they have very low Caco2 values, indicating minimal penetration into CNS. Thus, efficient inhibition of fibrinolysis without risk for seizures is anticipated.


Emeriti Bio is currently looking for a partner to jointly explore this opportunity

- Limited effort to filing of patent application

- Rapid progression to CD selection

- Phase I studies within 2 years

- Known mechanism – clinical effect can be documented already in Phase I