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Emeriti Bio has a collaboration with Vicore Pharma AB. They are developing the compound C21 for the treatment of i.a. idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Clinical trials are on-going. C21 is an angiotensin 2 receptor agonist. In the collaboration  Emeriti Bio synthesize new compounds related to C21 trying to find molecules with improved properties.

Project 2

In a collaboration with Cereno Biosciences Emeriti Bio has suggested a new molecule (CS014) for development. Preliminary evaluation is ongoing, including pharmacokinetic properties and in vitro studies in cell systems.

Emeriti Bio - a highly competent partner

Emeriti Bio is well equipped to bring projects from early discovery up to first clinical studies. With strong competence in medicinal chemistry and biology, combined with many years experience from all aspects of drug development, the company can be a highly competent partner to take on new projects. In house facilities include

labs for chemistry and in vitro biological testing. Being located in the AstraZeneca Bioventure Hub also provide opportunities for performing experiments with cell based systems.