Heavy menstrual bleeding

Heavy menstrual bleeding

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        Novel oral fibrinolysis inhibitor

           Heavy menstrual bleeding

Emeriti Bio is currently looking for a partner to jointly explore this opportunity

   -   Synthesis and evaluation of a limited number of new compounds

   -   Filing of patent application

   -   Preclinical development - Phase I within 2-3 years

   -   Known mechanism – clinical effect can be documented already in Phase I

Heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) is affecting more than 2 million women in the western world. HMB causes anaemia, reduces quality of life and performance at work and at school. There is a substantial under-treatment of menorrhagia, reflected, e.g. in the high prevalence of anaemia and iron deficiency among women in menstruating age groups. The currently available treatment using tranexamic acid is very inconvenient.

Emeriti Bio has lead compounds which compared to TXA are much more potent, thus potentially offering more convenient treatment; 1-2 times daily, smaller tablets and improved control of bleedings.